About Pacific Alternative Energy Resource LLC (PAER)


Pacific Alternative Energy Resource, LLC (PAER), is a California based Limited Liability Company dedicated to the development of the biofuels and alternative energy markets. 

PAER was founded by long time friends who have know each other for over twenty five years. With backgrounds in applied economics, business development, marketing, international business, information technology, operations management, sales, and manufacturing,  PAER members bring to bear a broad range of critical experience to help our partners successfully navigate this developing market.  PAER is committed to hands-on professional handling and management for all of our transactions. 



PAER's Business Services and Product Sourcing:

Our belief at PAER is that service, honesty and communication is the key to successful transactions.  PAER focuses its efforts in providing three key business services:

Commodities Trading Company

PAER operates as a trading company directly acquiring product and reselling into the international market.

Commodities Agent

PAER operates as an agent for larger companies, sourcing product, developing sales and supply channels, developing business models and building relationships between various companies which have recognizable synergies.  PAER provides value added services such as localized administrative services, technical support, business development, and logistics solutions.


Commodities Brokering          

PAER operates as a broker for larger volume commodity trading companies, connecting principal buyers and sellers, providing value added services in technical support, logistics solutions and administrative support as required for all transactions and trades.

Click here for images of PAER members onsite supervising customer deliveries.

PAER Business Overview


PAER's primary products are biofuel feedstocks such as animal fats, used cooking oil and virgin vegetable oils.  Additionally PAER can source and market biofuels such as biodiesel and ethanol.  PAER's primary sourcing and supply regions are North America and Europe, however with PAER's position in California we are well situated for managing export to Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  While our primary focus is on developing local and regional US supply solutions, PAER is very active in exporting US sourced commodities as well. It is our belief that balanced trade is a fundamental economic principal and is absolutely necessary for a long term healthy economy. To this end, PAER works with US suppliers, buying their product and reselling into the international market to help move us toward balanced trade.


We are building a database of businesses and individuals active in the alternative energy market. We are looking for buyers, sellers, producers, farmers, consumers, we want to contact them all and do our best to exchange information and provide leads to facilitate the supply, growth and development of the alternative energy market. We are particularly focused on developing a network of progressive California biofuels companies focused on local biodiesel production and distribution, used cooking oil collection and processing, and the development of algae as feedstock for biofuels and human/animal feed.  If you are interested in submitting you name or business as a contact, please feel free to do so, use our contact form here.


With the addition of  PAER AG, PAER now has a new division which is focused on agriculture and other commodities which are not alternative energy related. You can view more information about PAER AG here



Pacific Alternative Energy Resource Privacy Policy

PAER strives to maintain the privacy of any person or company who posts any contact information on this site. Under no conditions will your email address, business or personal information be sold or used for any purpose other than that for which it was submitted. We will no unnecessarily email or send marketing material to you, but may when appropriate send a notice or provide you contact information to a potential customer. For instance, if you enter in your business contact information and email address, we will not sell or market that information, or send SPAM. However, if a potential customer is looking for the product or service you have, we may provide them with your contact information. We will user our best discretion when determining if a contact is a valid potential customer.

PAER will NEVER request confidential or financial information from you through this website or through email from the domain @pacaltenergy.com. Should you receive such a request, DO NOT SEND OR SUBMIT THIS INFORMATION! Also, please let us know right away by emailing us at:

If you find a link to your site or company on this site and you would like it removed, please use our contact form here and provide the details. We will immediately remove the link.

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